How to Implement a Parking Lot Pressure Washing Service

Parking Lot Pressure Washing: Essential and Necessary

Customers see and experience your parking area first, which is crucial to your standard operating procedures in Baton Rouge, LA. Cleaning and maintaining your parking area is essential and required. Here are some reasons by JP Washing why power washing parking lots are imperative.

Outside and Inside Cleanliness

Parking lots rapidly become filthy due to the volume of traffic from vehicles and other sources. Over time, they only become more filthy until they appear slimy, dingy, discolored, and ignored. Customers might have a negative first image of your parking lot, which could be better for business. Even for those customers who may never give a parking lot a second thought, they will still notice if dirt and grime are tracked into the shop. Tracking leads to dirty surfaces, which sets the tone for the customer’s experience when they enter your store or seek your services. Tracking can also promote the development of bacteria and mold, which is terrible for business.

Short and Long-Term Damage Prevention

Parking spaces collect debris that seeps into the pores and fractures of the asphalt or concrete due to the accumulation of dirt, oil, animal droppings, debris, and grime. The expansion of the seals, joints, and parking lot structure caused by the build-up in the cracks can result in severe and costly damage.

Health Risks & Liability in Safety

Your parking area may become slick and slippery because of the cracks that collect dirt and grime. Parking lots are made to be uneven so that vehicles and people can securely grip the ground, but land makes the surface smooth and slick. Customers should be careful when walking on tricky parking lots, and drivers should take extra care when driving on poorly kept parking lot surfaces, particularly in the event of snow or rain.

A business must be able to demonstrate that it conducted appropriate and routine maintenance in the event of an accident. This serves as the defense against liability claims of neglect for your and your client’s safety, regularly power washing your parking area.