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When you call JP Washing, you are calling a sought-out pressure washing specialist – me! I am a professional, and my work is what’s exceptional! If you live in the Baton Rouge, LA area and want all of your services and amenities to be exceptionally clean and pristine at all times, you should contact me so we can figure out the best time for me to make everything perfect!

My Services

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing is often used to clean the persistent gunk that won’t go away and keeps different surfaces around your property from shining with cleanliness! But pressure washing is a delicate process and it requires special equipment and knowledge of how to manipulate the pressured water and clean surfaces without breaking or damaging anything!

Patio Washing

Patio Washing
If you want to have a clean patio where you can welcome friends, neighbors, family, and whoever else you wish, you might want to think about requesting my impressive services for your property! I know how pressurized water works, when to increase or decrease the pressure, and how to precisely wash every inch for a perfect patio!

Driveway Washing

Driveway Washing
Your driveway constantly gets battered by your cars, children, and pets that might play around on top, and the weather. That means it accumulates plenty of deeply-embedded stains, filth, and so much else. And it’s right in the front or side of your home, so if it’s too filthy, the appearance is unsightly. But I can make sure it gets immaculately clean!

Deck Washing

Deck Washing
Decks are ideal for many reasons, from being all clean and just a welcome mat to the home to a place to put chairs and tables and gather friends and family for a lovely evening gathering. But if it’s all covered in dirt and stains that you can’t get rid of – it will be unpleasant. Allow my power washing skills to help in that department!

Wall Washing

Wall Washing
Unfortunately, the walls of your home are constantly battered by the outdoor weather, curious insects, and birds that are simply flying around. The dirtier the walls of your property get, the less bright and beautiful the appearance of your home is, and you wouldn’t want them. Why don’t you let me clean every wall perfectly with top-grade quality?

Pressure To Make It All Pristine 

Getting different surfaces around your residence to shine is non-stop work; you can’t neglect it even for a day because dust accumulates, even if a room is completely closed off. And imagine if that’s true of dust, how true it would be of other dirt and filth, especially if left behind to gather for days or weeks. But instead of scrubbing until your hands start hurting, you should take the easier way to have a lovely home – hire a professional power washer!

I’ll Show You The Best Method 

The best method isn’t about speed or popularity – it’s a quality result. That’s all that people care about – results! People don’t focus too much on my process or the method I use – they want to see if I will deliver all I promise in the end. That’s how it should be, so I don’t bother with too much explanation unless asked, but I gather everything I need and work tirelessly for the desired outcome!

More Areas I Serve

I believe a good method of washing away grime, dirt, and embedded dust should be available to as many people as possible, and I know my methods deserve to be open to more people. That’s why there was no hesitation in my decision to include the areas below in my schedule!

  • Baker, LA
  • Zachary, LA
  • Denham Springs, LA
  • Oak Hills Place, LA
  • St. Gabriel, LA

Call JP Washing, and I’ll offer you my affordable pressure washing, so no surface around your home is ever dirty, not even in the slightest way! No one should have to look at different surfaces around the property and see how the gunk and filth have accumulated, so I’ll be happy to make your surfaces pristine if you live in the Baton Rouge, LA area!


by Georgia Davis on JP Washing
Perfect Pressure Washing Specialist!

I couldn't believe that such a fantastic pressure washing specialist came to show me exceptional service! It's always amazing when you see such an ambitious person leading a popular, sough-out business, especially when that person is perfect at it. And I understood why that was a fact - it's a successful company because the work is extensive and fabulous!

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